A Word on Pricing

For   many   clients   the   purchase   of   a   home   is   the   single   largest   expense   they   will   ever   undertake. The    purchase    process    involves    a    number    of    considerations    that    weigh    on    the    decision    to complete   the   purchase.   When   evaluating   the   decision   to   make   a   purchase   valued   at   several hundred   thousand   dollars,   going   cheap   on   the   home   inspection   is   not   the   smartest   thing   to   do. As   a   home   inspector,   I   can   not   advise   whether   or   not   to   make   the   purchase,   but   I   can   call   out items    that    have    a    significant    impact    on    the    purchase    decision.    Having    a    thorough    and comprehensive    inspection    done    by    an    experienced    home    inspector    can    be    invaluable.    Also equally   important   is   the   quality   of   the   inspection   report.   The   information   provided   from   the home inspection can be very important in helping to make the right decision.  
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