Ancillary Inspections and Testing

Depending   on   the   location   and   type   of   property   many   times   it   is   desired   that   additional   inspections and/or   testing   are   completed.   These   additional   services   may   include   a   termite   inspection,   radon   testing, well   water   testing   and   a   septic   inspection.   These   ancillary   services   require   special   licensing   and/or certification and sometimes specialized testing equipment. Presently   I   do   not   directly   provide   these   additional   ancillary   inspections   and   testing.   My   focus   and   goal is to provide you with the very best home inspection along with the accompanying inspection report. Listed   below   are   resources   that   can   provide   these   additional   inspections   and   testing.   You   will   need   to directly   contact   them   for   more   information   on   their   pricing   and   scheduling   availability.   The   resources listed   below   are   not   associated   with   BuxMont   Home   Inspection   Services   in   any   way   or   do   we   receive compensation   for   any   referrals.   They   are   simply   businesses   who   have   experience   in   the   noted   fields. Your realtor may also be able to provide you with additional recommendations.

Termite Inspection

A wood destroying insect inspection is an assessment of the readily accessible areas of the structure for wood destroying insects that include, but are not limited to; termites, carpenter ants and wood bores. The inspection will include the exterior perimeter surfaces of the structure in addition to the interior of the structure with emphasis on the basement area. The findings typically are reported on the National Pest Management Association standard Form NPMA-33. Most lenders will require a termite inspection for mortgage purposes. D-Tech Environmental Testing, Phone 215-233-5888 Ehrlick Pest Control, Phone 877-341-9809 Terminix, Phone 844-866-1397

Radon Testing

The radon test collector{s} will be set up in the house for sample collection in the lowest level, typically this is the basement area. The radon test will take a minimum of 48 hours for the collectors to be set out in the house. The house will need to remain in a "closed house" condition during the entire time of the test or the test will be invalidated and voided. Access will be needed to set out the collectors and again to retrieve them for analysis. The testing report is typically provided 1 business day after the collectors are retrieved and analized. D-Tech Environmental Testing, Phone 215-233-5888 Radon-RID, Phone 610-222-2273 WSPB Enterprises, Inc, Phone 610-346-8004

Well Water Analysis

If the property has a private on-site well providing the domestic water source it is highly recommended that the water is sampled and tested by a certified testing laboratory. This is especially important if the property also has an on-site septic system. Testing for bacterial contamination such as coliform and E. coli bacteria is a priority, however there are many other parameters that may be of importance such as pH, hardness, alkalinity, and nitrates. If the financing for the purchase will be provided by the FHA or VA, then specific testing requirements will need to be completed for the mortgage process. The lab report typically takes between 5 and 10 business days from the date of sample collection. Analytical Laboratories, Inc,  Phone 215-723-6466

Septic Inspection

The septic inspection includes a review of public records for the property. On site inspection includes location of system components, verification of the connection to the main septic tank from the house. The septic tank is accessed to complete a visual inspection of the inlet and outlet points and the condition of the tank interior including fluid levels.  The seepage/drain field is inspected for abnormalities and function. The written report is typically provided 2 business days after the inspection is completed. The cost of the inspection does not include pumping of the septic tank or a hydraulic load test if needed. A hydraulic load test may be advised if the system has not been subjected to normal load conditions for an extended period of time; for example, a foreclosure property where house has been vacant. Bouc Enterprises, Inc., Gary Bouc, Phone 215-783-0098 Bux Mont Inspections, Don Silverthorn, Phone 484-239-5868 Franc Enviromental, Inc, Phone 215-443-0650
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