Residential Home Inspections

Bux-Mont   Home   Inspection   Services   provides   residential   home   inspections   for   buyers   and   sellers   in additon   to   manufactured   home   inspections.   For   many   clients   the   purchase   of   a   home   is   the   single largest   expense   they   will   ever   undertake.   The   purchase   process   involves   a   number   of   considerations that   weigh   on   the   decision   to   complete   the   purchase.   As   a   home   inspector,   I   can   not   advise   whether   or not   to   make   the   purchase,   but   I   can   call   out   items   that   have   a   significant   impact   on   the   purchase decision.   Having   a   thorough   and   comprehensive   inspection   done   by   an   experienced   home   inspector can be invaluable. The    information    provided    from    the    home inspection   can   be   very   important   in   helping to      make      the      right      decision.      A      home inspection    is    a    visual    assessment    of    the readily     accessible     areas     of     the     home’s structure   and   systems   to   identify   indications of      significant      material      defects      and/or significant   safety   issues   in   accordance   with the      NACHI      Standards      of      Practice.      The findings   from   the   visual   home   inspection   are used    to    prepare    a    report    that    summarizes the   overall   general   condition   of   the   structure and   systems   at   the   time   of   the   inspection   for your information. The   inspection   and   report   are   not   intended   to   be   a   guarantee   or   warranty   on   the   condition   of   the home’s    structure    and    systems.    A    home    inspection    also    is    not    a    full    and    comprehensive    technical inspection   of   the   entire   structure,   its   systems   and   components,   a   code   compliance   inspection,   intended to   identify   hidden   or   latent   deficiencies/defects   or   identify   every   potential   defect   or   repair   needed,   but can   be   considered   a   sound   opinion   of   the   existing   overall   condition   of   the   property   at   the   time   of inspection   based   on   my   experience   and   training   to   help   you   in   your   decision   process   for   the   purchase of the property. Typically   the   time   to   complete   the   inspection   wil   run   between   3   to   4   hours,   but   will   depend   on   the   age, condition   and   type   of   construction.   My   inspections   are   not   rushed   and   I   will   take   the   time   necessary   to complete   a   thorough   inspection   in   addition   to   addressing   any   questions   or   concerns   you   may   have   on the    property.    My    findings    will    be    verbally    summarized    for    you    on-site    during    the    course    of    the inspection.   A   link   to   access   your   inspection   report   will   be   provided   the   following   day   after   completion   of the inspection.  The home inspection fee is based on square footage and starts at $300.

Pre-Listing Consultation

Property   assesment   and   consultation   to   educate   owner   on   potential   inspection   issues   prior   to   listing their   home   for   sale.   The   consultation   will   provide   a   review   of   the   readily   accessible   components   of   the home   that   includes   the   exposed   foundation,   siding   and   trim,   windows   and   exterior   doors,   the   roofing system,   interior   surfaces,   the   electrical,   plumbing,   heating   and   cooling   systems   to   identify   significant issues   that   may   come   up   during   the   course   of   a   buyer’s   inspection.   The   review   will   be   a   visual   non destructive   observation   of   existing   conditions   at   the   time   of   the   site   visit.   Should   any   significant   issues be   identified,   suggestions   for   corrective   action   needed   will   be   discussed   along   with   providing   general recommendations on how to prepare for the buyer’s inspection.

Sampling of Suspect Mircobial Growth

Occasionally   during   the   course   of   the   home   inspection   suspect   microbial   growth   is   found.   Suspect microbial   growth   sometimes   is   observed   on   surfaces   of   a   finished   basement   where   there   has   been   a moisture problem or prior flooding, or at windows, walls and ceilings where water leaks have occurred.   Mold    spores    are    everywhere    to    some    degree    within    the    environment    and    can    affect    people    very differently   depending   on   their   personal   tolerance   to   these   allergens.   Some   groups   of   molds   are   known to produce mycotoxins which exposure to can cause sickness and significant health issues.   Confirmation   of   suspect   microbial   growth   can   only   be   done   through   sample   collection   and   analysis   by   a qualified   lab.   Should   suspect   microbial   growth   be   found   during   the   course   of   a   home   inspection   Bux- Mont   Home   Inspection   Services   can   provide   you   with   sample   collection   for   lab   analysis   through   direct sampling   using   either   a   slide   or   swab   for   sample   collection.   The   lab   report   is   typically   available   within   5 business   days   from   collection   of   the   sample(s).   The   analysis   will   provide   confirmation   whether   or   not there is active microbial growth, and if so, determine the genus of the mold spores.  
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